Instructions to authors


  • Oral Presentations (link)
  • Poster (link)


Paper Template

Format your papers as the following templates:



Please do not include here any identification, abstract or key-words. These elements will be inserted directly at the webplatform for paper submission.

It is possível to see an example of this template in the following link:

template exemple_iceubi2015.doc

template exemple_iceubi2015.pdf

The register provides  author to submit full papers. It is mandatory for all authors to provide in the submission platform the following information in English language:

  • Title of paper
  • Abstract
  • Keywords


The Organizing Committee is studying hypotheses proposing the publication of articles in book, book chapter or international journal. Os authors who wish to be considered should submit their manuscripts accordingly. Link – COPYRIGHT – DIREITOS DE PUBLICAÇÃO – DERECHOS DE PUBLICACIÓN

Oral Presentations

  • All oral presentations should be prepared in Microsoft PowerPoint or Acrobat and uploaded and checked at least 10 minutes before the beginning of the session.
  • The presentation is scheduled to last 10-15 minutes including questions and discussion.
  • The author should provide the chairperson with a hard copy of the paper and a short CV (5 lines maximum).
  • Session timings are listed in the Technical Final Program.