Thematic Sessions
TS1 – Food engineering and properties
Raquel Guiné, Paula Correia (IPV,PT)
TS2 – Building stone decay
Maria Amélia Dionisio, Edite Martinho (IST-UL,PT)
TS3 – Innovations in public spaces
Anna Wlodarczyk (UASN,PL)
TS4 – Project and risk management
Renata Walczak (WUT,PL)
TS5 – Low cost digital survey systems
Jorge Jular (UBI,PT), Antonio Tordesillas (U.Valladolid,ES)
TS6 – ICT applications on engineering, spatial planning and architecture
Ana Virtudes (UBI,PT), Elisabete Silva (LISA-U.Cambridge,UK)
TS7 – Technologies in green and low-emissions energy production
Teresa Santos, Ana Tejero Gonzalez (U.Valladolid,ES)
TS8 – Engineering and GIS
Jorge Gonçalves, Pedro Almeida, Bertha Santos (UBI,PT)
TS9 – Transportation infrastructure management
Bertha Santos, Jorge Gonçalves (UBI,PT), Carmen Carvalheira (ISEL,PT), Silvino Capitão (ISEC,PT)
TS10 – Energy efficiency in the agrifood sector
Luís Andrade (IPCB,PT), Pedro Dinis Gaspar (UBI, PT), Pedro Dinho da Silva (UBI, PT)
TS11 – Urban and geopolitical studies: territorial conflicts between city and port
Martha Campos (UES,BR), Rita Ochoa (UBI,PT)
TS12 – Rehabilitation of buildings and satisfaction of contemporary requirements
Eduardo Qualharini (UFRJ,BR), João Lanzinha (UBI,PT)
TS13 – Metaheuristic optimization
Nikola Ivkovic (U.Zagreb, HR), Paulo Fazendeiro (UBI,PT)
TS14 – Rehabilitation of monastic heritage
Ana Martins (UBI, CITAD, CIDEHUS,PT), Antónia Conde (UE, CIDEHUS,PT)
TS15 – Air transport
Jorge Silva (UBI,PT), Rosário Macário (IST-UL,PT)
TS16 – Traditional buildings – their contribution for a better sustainable world
Anabela Paiva (UTAD,PT), João Lanzinha (UBI,PT), Tiago Pinto (UTAD,PT)
TS17 – Bioinformatics
António Anjos (ISMTG,PT), Paulo Fazendeiro (UBI,PT)
TS18 – Photonic sensors in composite structures
Dominik Dorosz (BUT,PL), Paulo Reis, Abílio Silva (UBI,PT)
TS19 – Assessment, diagnosis, energy efficiency and refurbishment for sustainability
Anabela Paiva (UTAD,PT), João Lanzinha (UBI,PT)
TS20 – Urban Riverfronts
Mafalda Sampayo (ISCTE-IUL, PT), Rita Ochoa (UBI,PT)
TS21 – Health Care Economics and Management
Magdalena Kludacz (WUT, PL)
TS22 – Small-scale industrialized architectures of nomadic nature
Salvador Mata Pérez (U.Valladolid, ES)
TS23 – Dynamics and Stability in Structural Engineering
Rui Carneiro Barros (Univ. do Porto), M. Braz Cesar (IPB, Bragança)


The organizers of each session will be responsible for inviting the researchers they consider best suited to present communications on the proposed topic to submit their work to the Congress via our website. The papers presented will be subject to the normal process of review articles.

Each thematic session must have at least 6 papers approved to be included in the final program. If more communications are submitted on a particular topic, then the session may be split accordingly.